Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hodge-Podge Post... The latest news.

I'm 7 lbs from goal weight. Check out my baggy pants!

7 lbs from goal weight!!

It feels so good to be so close! Still need to tone up, though, of course. Exercising has definitely gotten away from me lately, but don't worry, I will jump back on that horse. I REALLY want to rock a bikini this summer!

Stop-light self-portrait....

Someone has a little more energy than I can keep up with...


He's only still and quiet if I hold him standing up.

He is only still if I hold him while standing.

Don't you just love that freckled belly?

Good thing he is so cute!


Jorge is pretty much unfazed by him now, and Julio is doing so much better. Except Pablo stole his favorite mouse toy and ripped the tail off. Julio was not amused by that in the least. I think it's even safe to say his heart broke a little. Hopefully we can make a stop at IKEA when we go up north and get him a few back-up mice toys. He really does love them.

Josh has ONE MORE DAY of school left  next week and then he is out for 3 weeks.... YAYAYAYAYAYAY! I could not be more thrilled. The weather is getting better, I've got some quality time with the Hubbin in the very near future, I get to entertain next weekend (having another couple over for dinner), the garage (and house) are getting repainted soon, my garden is doing well, and I think I'm going to take some much-needed fun time for myself this weekend and go thrifting. I haven't been in forever.

Life is so very good. :)

PS I am thinking about changing the name of the blog. Already changed it on my Instagram account, and am thinking of starting a fresh twitter account, too. Time for change... I am ready to change my blog header, and I thought "why not just change the whole shebang?" Spring does that to ya.

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