Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How quickly life can change in 48 hours!! New addition to our little family.

We're parents!

Well, DOG parents, that is. Of course we already have two dogs (Jorge and Julio), but they are from my previous marriage. Josh is an extremely good Poppa to them, but I know he misses his dog from his first marriage (he wasn't lucky enough to get joint custody), and has been wanting a dog that is truly his/ours. I told him if he wanted one he needed to either do it this summer (so he could train it and everything) before he goes into the nursing program this fall, or wait until he graduated. He wants to do everything the "Cesar Milan" way, so he wants to be in charge of the training. Cesar Milan would run the other way at Jorge and Julio. They are not dogs, they are lazy, manipulative (and adorable) teenagers. At least that's what they act like.

Saturday, I noticed on facebook that Josh's cousin had gotten another dog and that just put Josh's dog search into overdrive. He wanted a white-bodied rat terrier with a black head. After some internet searching we found Oreo, a rescue dog (he is a Rat Terrier with a little bit of Jack Russell in him, but his nose reminds me of a Bull Terrier-So cute). He had been found by the side of the road as a little puppy and was with a foster family. We could tell by this picture alone that he was a strong candidate to be the next addition to our family.

We *might* get to adopt this little feller tomorrow.

Could he be any cuter with that crooked little mouth?

Josh filled out the application, they checked our vet references to make sure Jorge and Julio were well taken care of and up-to-date, and then brought Oreo by for a home visit last night. He made himself right at home, loving on us and playing with a toy. I think it was our nice big yard that clinched it for us, though. The lady remarked that it was a great yard for him and he agreed by running in circles around it and peeing and pooping like a champ. Then Josh signed the papers and he was ours! Oreo became Pablo Montoya Parker just like that. I even asked her, "He's ours? Just like that?" and she said she can tell right away when a situation is right and that little Pablo was truly home.

Jorge and Julio aren't too thrilled quite yet, but they will come around. Jorge couldn't stand Julio when we first got him and now he worries and fusses over him like a true big brother. Jorge is a little better about Pablo right now than Julio is. Julio feels betrayed. He is used to being the baby and attention hog and this is just not fitting in well with his life-plan at all.

Please excuse all the blankets and pillows on the couch (we put a quilt over it when the dogs are there, and Josh had the pillows and extra blanket on there while he was studying), but this picture is probably as close as we're going to get to household peace for a little while (Jorge was elsewhere freaking out about the rain). Also, our walls aren't that turquoise and grainy, it was the filter I used for the picture.

Look at his sweet spotted belly!

Pablo and his little spotted belly

Our newest family member... Pablo Montoya Parker

We loved him immediately and look forward to giving him a great life!

P.S. Guess it's time to work on a new blog-header? ;)


  1. What a sweetheart! I'm jealous.

  2. I love his tummy freckles! My hubby wants a terrier... I don't want a dog until we have more room (3 cats and a dog in a condo doesn't sound like fun to me!) but I'm crossing my fingers his desire for a puppy will be the motivation we need to buy a house! Haha!

    Happy Tuesday and congrats on your new addition!!! He's a doll!
    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  3. Aw congrats on your new baby! He is a cutie. I've been wanting to add another pup to our family but i just don't know how my poor coco will handle it.