Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Summer Goals!

Inspired by a couple of my favorite bloggers,  Danielle and Victoria, I have decided to post my summer goals. So, without any further ado...

1. Get the gosh darn garage painted!

2. Go to Ohio to visit my family and possibly Josh's family in MI... we've already got this on the books for next month!

3. While in Ohio, indulge in the things we don't have in TN... Tim Horton's bagels and iced cappuccinos, Open-faced roast beef and gravy (from my favorite diner Freeway), and Mexican food from Ernestos!

4. Entertain people we love a lot more often at our house. Whether this means me going all out making dinner or just throwing some stuff on the grill and burning some sticks in the fire pit, we need to do this more! My brother and sister-in-law moving to CO makes me regret that we didn't spend more time with them while we could - we thought they'd always be here!

5. Going through every single box in the garage and getting rid of everything we don't need at this house or the next one (we'll probably only be here 2-3 more years, so I don't want to get rid of stuff that would be of use to us in a bigger space).

6. Depending on what we no longer want/need: donate to Goodwill or have a Yard Sale.

7. Celebrate my 35th birthday this summer at Arrington Vineyards. I usually don't like to make a big deal out of birthdays, I prefer low key, but this year I want to celebrate with friends, and lots of wine and cheese!

8. Spend quality time with the Hubbin on his 3 week break before summer classes start and during the summer as much as possible. He will have classes every day during the summer (M-F), but it's only one class and a lighter workload. The hard stuff is going to begin when he starts the nursing program this fall. So I am just going to try to make the most of every second I will have with him before it all gets Cuh-RAZY. Even if we're just feeding ducks at the lake or singing and dancing at home, I need to soak up every second of it!

9. Hire a personal trainer, finish getting this weight off and have the body I want and deserve. I will be one of those chicks running on the treadmill in nothing but a sports bra to show off my abs by the end of summer. Count on it!

10. Start my canning earlier this year by buying everything in season at the Farmer's Market... it's right around the corner!


  1. Hmm hold the phone... That is a typo right? Because there is absolutely noway I will believe that you are turning 35. Nope, definitely had to be a typo.

  2. Yep! I'll be 35, but I still feel 22, although it seems like I've lived a lot of different lives in those years.

    My early 20s were just for me, a time of fun. And then I spent the 25-31 (almost 32) with the guy who ended up being my first husband. It feels like a different life.

    31-almost 33 (I met Josh the day before I turned 33) was a crazy time where I acted like I was 19 again. Not proud of any of it. But then I met Josh (who was also married once before), we got engaged, he lost his job and decided to go back to school and down a different carrer path altogether. Now we're married and in many ways it feels like we are early 20something newlyweds, because we're kind of just getting started in life all over again. It's fun and I'm really enjoying my 30s and all the many many decades I still have ahead of me!

  3. I would have never ever guessed you were 35! I was thinking not a day older than 28. You look amazing lady! Glad to hear y'all are both in better places and that you found your hubby. Isn't love lovely!?

  4. I guess that means the oil of olay is working!

    And love is definitely lovely with the right person!