Friday, April 22, 2011

Late weigh-in (week 15) and current obsessions.

Weight is the same as last week. I am grateful that I am only 7-8 lbs away from goal. Might be able to get it all off by summer, who knows?

I have been too busy reading to update this thing, because I am currently obsessed with the Holly Bobo case, and finding every new bit of news I can on it (although law enforcement is very tight lipped). I hope she is found soon.

Other obsessions at the moment? Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook:

I will be the first to admit I didn't really warm up to her until she became a mother (what is it about motherhood that makes otherwise unlikable celebrities seem human?), and even then I could really take her or leave her. She seemed rather cold and anemic to me and "Macrobiotic diet" seemed like a fancy phrase for "anorexia". Plus the Bipster is pretty much in love with her and she's been all over the TV for months now - I was suffering severe Gwyneth burnout... until I got my hands on this book. I challenge you to not love her a little bit after looking at all these mouthwatering and EASY recipes (I'm dying to try the slow-roasted tomatoes), and reading about how she feels her macrobiotic diet was her way of trying to heal her cancer-sticken father "by proxy." That melted even my ice-cold heart.

And these two photos of her are just stunning:

If all I have just said about her has somewhat thawed your cold heart a little, too, and now you're thinking about renting "Country Strong", I feel it my duty to warn you that it is a very depressing movie that may stick with you for weeks and keep you from ever looking at Tim McGraw the same way again. But still, rent it, because I cannot carry the heavy emotional load of that movie alone. Really. It scarred me, but I'm really sensitive.

My last obsession (for now) is Thai spring rolls from Lean Cuisine:

Seriously, try them!

Ok, I am off - busy weekend ahead. I am hosting two back-to-back Easter brunches this weekend, and although this is the kind of stuff I usually thrive on, I am way out of practice. Time to get back on the entertaining horse, with the months of warm weather that are coming...

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  1. i am sooo in love with those spring rolls! i could eat them everyday lol.