Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jorge!

My eldest (dog, as I have no children) turned 9 on Saturday! Hard to believe I've had him that long.

First we celebrated with birthday cake ice cream.

(Hey, birthday boy, there's a sprinkle on your nose)

Then they each got a gift (Julio got a stuffed duck and Jorge got a cow).

I attempted to get a photo of the birthday dog and his gift...
9 years old today with his bday cow

But someone decided to swipe it...
Present stealer

...And "keep an eye" on it for the rest of the day.
Crooked eyed cow stealer

Jorge didn't mind, though... he was just in it for the ice cream!

P.S. Our weekend was non-stop busy! Between the gardening and the cleaning and the organizing... Love productive weekends, but man, I'm tired.

This guy managed to find some time to be lazy (he always does):

AND... my shoe closet got organized... there's even room for the Dyson in there now!

We took a truckful of stuff to Goodwill, too, and recycled a bunch of boxes... can't wait til Josh gets a break from school and we can really get crackin' on the garage!


  1. Shawna! I migrated over and am loving your posts. I would also like to add that I want your closet. <3 you!!

    - Steph