Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Man Plans, God Laughs.

Yesterday, April 11th, was supposed to be the final day of my 30 day shred with my good pal Jillian Michaels.

'Sup, J-Dawg.

I had to stop about halfway through the 30 days due to hip/knee issues. And then the storm happened and we were in a hotel for several days so I really couldn't have done it anyway. So what yesterday ended up being instead was a trip to an orthopedic specialist. Even though I went through this same thing last year with a different specialist (rheumatologist), they focused solely on my knee and not my hip (though that doctor suspected IT Band issues and gave me steroid shots there). So yesterday they x-rayed my hip and the diagnosis seems to be bursitis. The treatment plan for that for now is shots as needed (he can do them every 8 weeks or so) and he recommended I take yoga classes.

He also gave me the go-ahead to start with a personal trainer as long as I don't do anything too aggravating for it (I guess that's a budget-permitting issue now thanks to pesky things like insurance deductibles that have popped up). Tomorrow was originally supposed to be the day I started with the trainer, so it remains to be seen when I will start now. Gonna give this shot a chance to start working first... Usually they give me relief after about 48 hours. I am hopeful the trainer can work around my issues and we can do low-impact cardio type stuff and really focus mostly on strength training, particularly my bottom half... it will really help my leg issues.

I'm excited to be active again! Bring on da gym!

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