Monday, April 11, 2011


Well, Friday we got to go back to our own house! Our electric is fixed, and the insurance adjuster is supposed to come out Wednesday to assess the rest of our damage.

Saturday, we had a big job to do - cleaning out fridge and freezer because all of our food was RUINED. And there was some priceless stuff in there, too - muscadine cider from our honeymoon, etc. Oh, and the TOP OF OUR WEDDING CAKE! We decided to take our chances on that, though... guess we'll find out on September 4th whether or not that was a bad idea.

Anyhow, cleaning out the fridge and itemizing every single thing that was in it doesn't sound too hard until you actually have to do it. Five and a half pages, y'all! I think we had at least 7 kinds of mustard. Then I went and spent $200 at the grocery store, but you'd never know it, the fridge still looks so empty.

Kroger bargains!
What a bargain!

After fridge cleaning we got to go to the airport and see LeAnn for a little bit. As (good) luck would have it, she had a layover here in Nashville on her way to Wisconsin. We drank (very overpriced) airport Starbucks Coffee, munched on some "sammiches" and chit chatted for a couple hours. Wonderful to see her, but it's never enough time!

Me and LeAnn

Bip and LeAnn

Blurry photo by Starbucks barista of the 3 of us:

Blurry or not, gosh, I married a total babe.

Airport feets

We managed to score some prime cushy airport seating as well!

I'm worrying for my garden. Lettuce likes soil that is a little bit on the drier side, and well... our garden is still pretty drenched from all the rain we had last week. We also lost 3 of 4 Jalapeno plants. I trimmed off the soggy lettuce leaves and I am just hoping all will be ok. Of course, more storms are expected today!  I just shudder to think of having to deal with anymore storm damage (I noticed yesterday that one of our garage windows is cracked from the storm - it was fine before), or a dead garden... and we're getting sattellite TV today, too (the price won my penny-pinching husband over)... I hope we don't lose our signal the first night of having it due to rain!

But anyway, here's how my garden is looking. We haven't used any asparagus, although we can use some of it this year if we want to. I think we're just going to let it go again this time so the root system can get stronger and we'll have even more next spring.

Garden, week 2. Too much rain ruining things.

For giggles, here is Julio trying to catch a fly.

Hope you had a happy weekend!

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