Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weigh-in Week 14

I wasn't expecting much since my eating last week looked like this thanks to eating so much convenience food due to being in a hotel most of the week:

Can you guess which day I was eating my emotions?

Though I tried to make fairly healthy choices with my fast food options, it was still a LOT more sodium than I was used to having and I noticed a 2 lb weight gain when we finally got to come home from the hotel. I did my best to get back on track right away, staying in my calorie zone as best I could. I thought I'd still have a little bit of a gain to show this week, but I am pleasantly surprised to say I am .2 lbs less than when I weighed myself before we were displaced by the storm. I am a little more than 8 lbs away from goal, and down a total of nearly 12 lbs! So I lost all the weight I gained last week, plus .2 more! I'm really, really happy with doing the calorie counting thing now.

Don't get me wrong, I ADORE Weight Watchers.They got me halfway to goal, and their recipes will be the ones I use for maintenence. (I won't bust out the Barefoot Contessa recipes except for Holidays and dinner parties.) But right now I am concentrating on calories, rather than points, and it's working for me. My calorie budget per day is pretty low (1200), so I make sure to eat as healthy as I can instead of just having 1200 calories of crap a day. Whole grains, fruits and veggies and lean meats like fish or chicken. Josh has been working out like a maniac and these food choices are great for him as well. He's losing a little bit of weight, in terms of pounds, but it's mostly helping him build more muscle. He looks wonderful! Very little filler food in our diet these days, but I love it when I can budget in a little treat. It is Cadbury Egg season, after all!

Happy Wednesday... we're halfway to the weekend!

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