Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weight Watchers - Week 10 weigh-in

Down a pound! No small feat, since it's that time of the month... very happy with the loss! I keep knocking on 119's door, but it just won't let me in (although I weighed 119.4 last Saturday... I always weigh less on weekends for some reason). Next week's weigh in will be the true test, I will have been doing the 30 Day Shred for over a week by that point. We'll see if it makes any difference.

Speaking of the Shred, last night was day 3 of it, and I am already finding some of the parts getting easy. Don't get me wrong, I still break a good sweat and I am about dead by the last set of abs, but it's amazing how much my endurance has increased in just 3 sessions! Pushups are still a struggle, but last night I did better than ever on them. Josh was watching (grrrr) and he said "Look at my girl go!" I think maybe I impressed him and myself with those last night. I think this weekend I will be moving up to level 2.

If I don't see some good improvements at the end of my 30 days with Jillian, a personal trainer may be next for me. It's not something I would have ever considered, but when Josh was at the gym yesterday he talked to one of the trainers about me. She asked my weight/height and then she was like "Oh, I can have her down to 103 or 104 in a month." Yikes. I don't know if that's just big trainer talk or what, but my BMI would be around 17 at that weight, which is underweight, not to mention I'd be losing 17 lbs in one month. I think that's just a tad unhealthy and unrealistic, don't you? Or am I crazy? Wait, don't answer that. I know I'm crazy, but I think I am also right in this instance. I weighed about that amount for most of my adult life (without really having to try), but I really do think I was too skinny. Josh was quick to tell her that my goal weight is not nearly that low, but he told me he thinks it's worth the investment to do it for a month just to learn more and get more results. We'll see. I'd rather Jillian whip me into shape at home and use that personal trainer money for a new wardrobe! ;)

Oh, there's a new (FREE!) app I love that I'd like to share with you. It's called "Fooducate." You scan the barcode of any food and it gives you a grade from A-F (or maybe D-?) based on how good it is for you, and also includes loads of other info. I have had a blast scanning just about everything I can, and luckily, most everything I eat falls into the A or B category. However, I've recently fallen in love with a C- item.

Fooducate was kind enough to proivde me with a list of alternatives.

I'm sorry, Special K... I just can't quit you yet, even though your artificial sweeteners scare me to death.

If I don't post tomorrow, have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

(Hat and shirt sent to us by Josh's mom. How fun to get in the mail! For Valentine's day she sent us wine and chocolate... What a fun package to receive, let me tell ya.)

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