Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A few of my favorite things.

Every week when I go grocery shopping, I look at the cocoa-roasted almonds, think about how good they would be and how much I want them, and then move on because I can't bear the thought of spending $5 on nuts. And the weird thing is, I really don't even like nuts. Don't even think about putting them in my salads, food, cookies, brownies, etc. But I told ya, I've been craving protein like crazy... beans, nuts, peanut butter... I think about protein more than anything else these days. Isn't that bizarre?

Anyway, Sunday I finally broke down and bought myself some dang nuts.

They taste even better than I could have dreamed.

I got these, too. Yum!!!

Moral of the story? Nuts are worth $5. But please don't mix them in my other food.

Also, I've been on a quest for the perfect oatmeal/breakfast. One that keeps me full and satisfied and doesn't make me want to shove hamburgers and fries in my face by lunchtime. I've tried a few different kinds of things, and I think I've stumbled upon the answer.

Normally, I don't like any of Kashi's products. It tastes like sticks and gravel to me. But this stuff is just incredible. I stir in a little extra honey and cinnamon, top with half a banana and just a bit of peanut butter and I have the perfect breakfast. Protein, whole grains AND fruits! And I am more than full until lunch time.

If you like oatmeal/hot cereal, try it!

Another thing I am obsessed with (the idea of) right now and reading a lot about is nutritional yeast. Supposedly it has a flavor similar to parmesan, is a complete protein and super high in B vitamins. I ordered some yesterday and can't wait to start putting it on my veggies. I hope I love it!


  1. Sam's sells the dark chocolate nuts way cheap! Aren't they delish? And I'm addicted to the mix too. Very intrigued by the nutritional yeast, please keep me posted!!

  2. I don't ever go to Sam's, you might have to be my nut supplier.