Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Holy crap... we went to the MALL, y'all.

Let me tell you something that never happens in our household: We don't go shopping just for the heck of it.

To tell you the truth, I can't remember the last time we even made a pit stop at Target together to roam around. Josh's study schedule is not very flexible, nor do we spend money just for the sake of spending it (which I know is smart, but sometimes I just wanna blow some cash for no reason).

But, we both really needed new gym shoes and on Saturday we actually went shopping. I fell in love with the shoes in the foreground, but they didn't feel right on, so I ended up with the pair next to them.

I don't know a thing about athletic shoes, and I kept asking Josh if they were running shoes, since they didn't look as ugly as most running shoes do. He told me yes. However, once we got home, I looked them up and they are just "casual/walking shoes." Grrr. So now I still have to buy a pair of running shoes, but I found some on Amazon that aren't too hideous. Not sure when I'll get around to ordering them, though. Hopefully soon, because I need them!

Josh was in desperate need of jeans and got a couple of pairs, and also a few really great shirts. I dragged him into Forever 21, where he found even more great stuff (who knew they had such great guy's stuff? And so inexpensive!)... I found a TON of things, and even though it was a madhouse, Josh patiently waited while I made multiple trips to the dressing room.

Can you believe he vetoed these?

Ok, the cardigan I can agree with. Really. It was really tight in the chest, so it just wasn't a good choice, even though I really liked it. But the "I <3 My Hood" shirt? It's like it was made for me. I do love my hood, dammit! But with marriage comes veto power sometimes (and don't think I didn't use it on him when he tried to buy a really douchey shirt).

On the other hand, he absolutely LOVED this look (which I bought, but I have to return because it's just not me at all).

I'm all for branching out and trying new things, but I just did not feel at all comfortable in that getup. The good news is I get to return those pieces this weekend and get something else! :)

These, among a few other things, were Josh-approved:

(sweater dress was only $3.99)

I absolutely love the tan top above.

Shopping is so much more fun now that I can fit into things... need to do that more!

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