Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning, the Student was out of the house early for an open lab. I did a little bit of scrapbooking and watched some Food Network. He texted me to get ready, that we were going somewhere when he got home. I was super excited to be able to spend some time with him, and even more excited that we were going to Loveless Cafe for lunch and then going to Natchez Trace to look at the beautiful fall scenery. It was just about a year ago that we did our engagement photos there, so it was fitting to go back and visit.

First we stopped at Rita's for a Ritaccino.

We just tried one for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and since they are closing for the season in just a couple of weeks, I knew I had to have one last taste of the coffee-chocolate goodness. Mmmm!

We were told we had a two-hour wait at Loveless cafe, but it didn't end up being nearly that long. Maybe 45 minutes? In the meantime, we busied ourselves taking photos and browsing the shops.

The sun was not in a friendly place, so I didn't really get the great picture of the iconic sign that I was hoping for.


The Bipster, paparazzi-style:

Once we were seated, it took no time at all for them to bring us a plate of their famous biscuits and jellies.

However, I've been doing so much canning lately, that I couldn't help but compare my stuff to theirs - and I'm more partial to my jams and such. Is that vain?

My Husband looked super-handsome.

After eating, we made our way up Natchez Trace parkway. The bridge is just beautiful.

The scenery is beautiful as well...

Piggy-back ride!

I joked with the Bipster that it was like getting his senior portraits taken, the way I am always snapping away! Can't help it though, he's photogenic.

(love, love, LOVE the pocketbooth app for iphone)
We hit Rita's again on the way home.

Sunday, we got up and made some breakfast, then cleaned the house (had WAY too much fun with that Dyson), and Josh studied while I watched TV and took a looong nap (haven't done that in quite some time). When I woke up, I made a simple comfort dinner (ranch chicken and shells and cheese) and then the Trick or Treaters descended upon us. It was a pretty quiet, calm Sunday. I didn't can or paint one piece of furniture... WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME??

Have a happy week... Welcome, November! Can we just fast forward to Spring?