Monday, November 8, 2010

Daily Photo(s) for 11.6.10

We are freshening up the outside of our house a little bit in the next week or two. New hardware for the front door, new mailbox, some paint on the front door (Bicycle Yellow by Ralph Lauren), some charcoal grey paint on the porch floor, AND a little mulch around the front of the house.

Step one of the process was inexpensive and only took about 10 minutes.

I went to Lowe's on Saturday and found this:

Sixteen bucks, y'all. That's a deal. I fell in love with it, hard. I loved how the glass was all bubbly and old looking, I loved the cottage-y feel (after all, we do live in a little 82 year old 900 sq. ft. cottage).

Josh is fairly handy, and changed our current, very ugly light fixture:

(doesn't that look like it belongs on a ranch house with a lawn jockey in the front yard? It so wasn't adding any cuteness to our abode.) this new, period-fitting, and dare-I-say sexy fixture:

Love! It is amazing what a change you can make to your home for just $16!

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