Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I got my mind on my gutters and my gutters on my mind....

I made a comment on twitter a little while back that you know you are a grown-up when you get excited about new gutters!

I have officially acheived grown-up status I guess, because we got new gutters put on yesterday, and  I am thrilled! It was something that needed to be done... our roof is new but the gutters were not. And the noises from them when it rained.... CLANK CLANK CLANK. Not fun. We got a fabulous deal on them, which is one of the reasons we decided to go for it now.

You can't really see them that great in the photos, but right on cue, it started raining last night/this morning and the sound now is music to my ears... no more clanking, it's a nice 'plinking' sound.

I still can't believe that cute house with the yellow door is mine, but I am so glad that it is! Of course, I know it will never be 'done'... I think next up is getting that ugly wrought iron railing off of the steps!

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