Friday, November 19, 2010

Craft Night!

Last night was the second Craft Night I've hosted.

I've done enough of the going out and drinking with friends thing in my life. It's not really my scene, anyway. I am more of a homebody. So the traditional 'GIRL'S NIGHT' (insert squeals and the words 'wine!' and/or 'margaritas!' over and over here) is really not my thing, either.

I wanted a way to spend time with friends while not having to scream over loud music and crowd noise and maybe even get something accomplished, too. We all have little projects that'd we'd like to do that we never actually get to sit down and DO. And everyone I know loves to eat. So how about a potluck followed by crafting/project working? Sounds good to me. Everyone can spare 2.5 hours one night a month, right? Plus, it's an excuse for me to bust out my cloth napkins and do a little entertaining, even though it's not on a grand scale. I really like to do that. :)

However, I completely forgot to take pictures at the first one, and only took two last night.

Last night was make-your-own pizza night.

Daeon and Jenbug:

Daeon, Jenbug, Miriam and Meredith:

There is still a little bit of alcohol to be had and some squealing going on, but it's not obnoxious...(except maybe to Josh, who has to listen to it all from a few rooms away.... but he gets to eat the food, so he's not complaining!)

December is a busy month for everyone, but I am hopeful we will get to have a Craft Night in December, otherwise we gotta wait until January. All I know is it's something I really look forward to doing every month and a great way to spend time with friends.

I got one of my Halloween scrapbooks done last night, so I'm happy. Hopefully I can get the other one done soon, too!

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