Friday, November 12, 2010

Daily Photo(s) for 11.12.10

Holy cow, y'all! It's a big day at our humble abode.

It is receiving some sprucing up as I type this! Pictures courtesy of the Bipster:

Front door being prepped:

First coat:

I knew the yellow was going to look fantastic, but I love it even more than I thought I would! It's the happiest front door in the 'hood!

Trim being spruced up (mailbox had to be taken down for this):

Porch floor was originally an eggplant color (you can kind of see it in this pic):

But it has now been painted a charcoal grey:

Love, love, LOVE!

It's a beautiful day for this, too... the weather is sunny and warm. We just keep getting little blessings like this (good weather when we need it, people to help us when we need it) all the time lately, and I am truly beyond grateful and happy for all these wonderful things.

Hope to share more soon. In the meantime, loving everything that's going on with our sweet little home! Tomorrow the bathroom trim and ceiling get a fresh coat of white paint.



  1. That is so super spiffy. I LOVE the door.

  2. Thanks, I love it, too! It will definitely brighten up the grey winter days hay are coming!