Monday, November 29, 2010


Wow, that four-day weekend just flew right by me! It was a festive whirlwind, for sure!

Thanksgiving morning, we had brunch at our house for Josh's dad, stepmom, siblings, sister-in-law and neice and nephew. I didn't know if we could fit that many people in the house at once, but we did it!

I tried to set the table all pretty...


...but everyone ended up coming at different times, so we didn't all sit down to eat at the same time. Oh, well, that's what I get for trying to be fancy! ;)

The menu included:
Pumpkin bread (made by Kristen)
Breakfast Casserole (Made by Stephanie)
Scrambled Cheesy Eggs
Oven-baked french toast
Roasted Asparagus
Fruit Salad with honey, lime & mint
Cinnamon Rolls
Bacon Appetizers w/brown sugar
Chicken and Apple Sausages
Spicy Mochas


We were going to try to keep the boys out of the way during brunch,
but luckily Josh's family are dog people! The dogs happily spent time with everyone, and were pretty well-behaved.

Julio fell in love with his Uncle Donald

And sometimes he was even nice to Brooke:






Everyone hung out for a while afterward... it was really nice to welcome everyone into our home for a Holiday gathering!

But that was just round one of our Thankgiving... round two had us heading to Josh's Aunt's house for dinner - though we were still full from the morning (don't worry, we managed to force more food in our bellies)!

Her house is amazing. It's over 200 years old, and Josh says it has been in Country Living a few times. Good decorating must run in the family, because his mom is good at it, too! I tried not to be the creepy new girl taking photos of everything (though I really wanted to), but I did manage to discreetly take a few pics - however, they don't do the place justice.






This is the porch:


That's the best I could manage without looking like I was casing the joint. But seriously, it's one of those houses where you could look for hours and see something new every time. The layered decorating look is just something I can't master. I love the way it looks, but I can't replicate it. I am missing that gene!

My mother in law kept refilling my wine glass!! Luckily she stopped before I had too much and started dancing.

Here she is with Brooke:

Not only is she good at decorating and filling up a wineglass, she's crafty, too. She made us this for our front door - love it!


Hope your Thanksgiving was happy!

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