Monday, November 15, 2010

Lazy Weekend!

I don't really know if 'lazy' is the correct term. It's not like we chose not to clean the house, or I chose not to go to the grocery store or do my canning like a good little wife... Life (and fatigue) just got in the way.

Last Friday, as you might recall, the porch and front door were painted. The trim & ceiling in the bathroom were slated to be painted, too, but it had to be put off until Saturday morning. Since I didn't want to be in anyone's way, I chose to go to the Farmer's Market Saturday morning.

I returned with farm fresh chocolate milk (which was finished off last night - didn't even last 36 hours! It was good stuff!) & eggs, two different kinds of cheeses (one made right here in TN), ingredients for more tomato-chili jam, and two snickerdoodles for Josh.

After that  I went to run some more errands - needed to get some more vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks for our pear vodka-making, so I went to World Market for those things, then did a little window shopping at HomeGoods and Target.

When I got home, we had lunch and Josh napped while I relaxed for a bit. Then he got to studying and I relaxed some more. I just had no energy. We are both noticing that with the time change and it getting darker earlier that we are just not as motivated as we'd like to be anymore.

Sunday morning, I made my fella some bacon-fat eggs and toast with homemade jam. He was happy.

About noonish we met up with my friend Karla (her blog, K Pics, can be seen on my sidebar) Josh's siblings, neice, and nephew to do some family photos for his parents for Xmas. I haven't gotten to see all the pics yet, just these two previews (Josh's mom absolutely hates it when we are on our cell phones, so Stephanie had the idea for these pics):

Notice I had to make a face while everyone else looked normal. What can I say, I'm a Leo! And on another note, how handsome is my husband? Crap, it must be hard being that good-looking!

Here are some photos I snapped before and during the festivities:

Josh and his stepbrother Justin:

Me and hubbin:

Me and Hubbin and some sunshine on my nose:

Other stuff - I was messing around with the Hipstamatic app, trying to find a film/lens combo I liked:

Kristen and Donald went with us to Joe's Crab Shack afterward, and I made everyone do this:

Hubbin decided to use his un-handsome face here:

I was so, so, so tired when we got home. I thought I'd take a 'little' nap, but when I woke up it was dark! So I was just up for a couple of hours and went back to bed... Oh, if only I could have back those longer days of sunshine and motivation! Who wants to be productive when it's dark?? Not I.

Hope your weekend was great!


  1. Holy crap I think your pictures might be better than mine...I gotta get me one of them phones. LOL
    Thanks again!