Monday, July 12, 2010


Monday always comes too quickly.

We had a laid-back weekend, which was really nice! We had a little bit of quality time, but not nearly enough, thanks to the World Cup. So glad that's over. I do love watching our Tennessee Titans play, but I cannot do sports for long periods of time. The droning, non-stop talking of the sprotscasters (what I like to call "sports-voice") makes me absolutely insane and grouchy and miserable. I can't stand to be in the same room with it. I got in bed with the dogs and cuddled and read and napped instead. Not bad at all, but I'd rather have been watching HGTV or the Cooking Channel and cuddled up with my Bip.

Saturday morning, we went to the home of one of Bip's friends, who was having a yard sale. Despite the fact that we have an ENTIRE ROOM devoted to books, and a desperate need to purge some (A LOT) of them, we ended up with more! I'd like to clarify that it's not just me with this book problem. The Bip had his arms loaded up with them before I had even picked up one.  In addition to the books, we found this awesome vintage desk lamp for the library. For a buck!!

It also has a hook that slides out so you can hang it on a wall. And we got two (new!) bulbs with it. I am not sure if we're going to actually use it as a desk lamp, or just as decor on the shelves. I have to say, it looks so darn good in there with my globes.

We also scored a brand-new yahtzee game (still in the plastic!) for $2!

Saturday night we grilled and ate outside by the light of citronella candles...

(Grilled corn with butter, garlic & salt blend, parmesan cheese, and a chili-lime spice blend. YUM!)

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Goodwill. Josh was on the hunt for some t-shirts, and we needed to get some frames and baskets to repurpose for our wedding reception (more on that at a later date).

This shirt was cute, but much too short for that long-torsoed man...

He keeps threatening to cut his hair before the wedding, but I hope he doesn't. I love it long in the front like that, makes his eyes look even darker... Yum.

Of course, we found even MORE books (here are two of them):

The "Is Elvis Alive?" book was a blast from the Bip's past. His grandma ("Nanny") used to have it, and she was very convinced he was alive. I think she and I would have gotten along very well! ;) Heck, before too long, we may have a little section in the library just for Elvis books!

In other Sunday news....

Julio enjoyed the sunshine...

And Jorge actually let me take pictures of him!

Hope your weekend was great!

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