Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daily Photo for 7-28-10

Us watching a Criminal Minds rerun.

Our channel choices have been limited lately due to some issues with Comcast. Our bill was getting ridiculously high, since all of our promo prices had long since run out and we had 2 DVRs, the expanded cable package AND HBO.

On a whim, I called to cancel all but our internet (actually, I was just tired of hearing the Bip rant and rave about the cable bill, and I thought if I cancelled it, he would surely break before me and realize TV is wonderful in moderation). The dude told me it cost $1 more for internet only than for the basic cable package PLUS internet. So I said ok, we'd do that. But for some reason, a few days later, someone from Comcast came out and put a filter on our cable connection (on a Sunday morning while we were out, no less!) so now we only get about 10 channels. CBS, NBC, etc. When Josh tried to get things set straight, he was informed no one could come out and fix it until this Saturday (like Tom Petty says, the waiting is the hardest part). But, in exchange for this misunderstanding, we get the expanded package plus HBO for only $29 a month for six months! In the meantime, though, I miss HGTV. Thank God for CBS and all their crime shows. And for books. Sweet, sweet heavenly books.

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