Friday, July 2, 2010

Coming together....

Maybe I watch too much HGTV... where else would I get the idea that you can remodel/repaint/redecorate and landscape an entire home in 30 minutes?

It certainly seems that's how everyone does it, huh? Since we've started working on the house, making our vision of it come to fruition, all I can think about is how much we still have to do, and what we're going to do next. Oh, and did I mention I want it all done yesterday?

A hard lesson I've had to learn is that houses come together slowly, over time. Even if I had a million dollars to spend, I doubt I could find everything I wanted, everything that would make it look 'finished', in a weekend. That lived-in, layered look with perfect accents HAS to come in time. That's the only answer. No matter what HGTV says.

However, we have made a staggering amount of progress in the house in just a few short months. Every room has been painted with the exception of one bedroom (and the kitchen, but we like that color and are keeping it. We may give it a fresh coat of paint, but it will be the same color). The Library has exceeded my expectations. We have new furniture in the living room. The laundry room got a wonderful overhaul, complete with a new washer and dryer. There is a peacefulness now when we walk in the door that did not previously exist. I know it's mostly a mental thing, but when I look around and see progress, it quiets the voice in my head that previously screamed round-the-clock about everything that needed changed, painted, etc.

Our most recent achievement is the dining room. It's painted, the credenza has been repainted, the mirror is back up on the wall, my little hutch that was in storage for 5 years has been moved in. Since we have a built-in desk in the Library for the Bip to study on, the dining room table will no longer serve as a space where books and printers linger for semesters at a time. It's finally a DINING ROOM.


I adore it. Of course, there is still more to do in time - replace the light fixture, repaint table and chairs {it's only been like three years that I have been putting that off!} figure out what the heck to display on the hutch shelves, etc. But, believe it or not, I feel content. I smile when I look at it. It feels homey and happy and like a cottage-y dining room. Exactly what I wanted!

In the living room, we have hung some stuff back on the walls until we figure out exactly what we are going to put on them (semi)permanently. We have some LACK shelves from Ikea that will go on the wall where the chairs are. As soon as I go through some of the boxes in the garage and find what I am going to display on them, we will get them hung. For now, I love the bird prints.

I have some Hatch Show Print posters I want to frame and put above the couch wall. But for now, the clock is good enough for me.

We have decided that next weekend we're just going to enjoy what we've accomplished thus far. No painting, no organizing, no heavy lifting will be done. We may even go on a little date. But mostly, we're going to stay in our home and enjoy it, appreciate it, and periodically give each other high-fives.

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