Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthday Weekend part 2!

Sunday morning felt like my birthday, because it was the day we were celebrating with food, cake and our friends Tim and Meredith. It also happened to be the anniversary of our first date! As soon as I woke up, Josh gave me a sweet (and creative and funny) card he had made in honor of it. Can't wait to show it to our future kids someday when they are old enough to appreciate how silly their parents are.

I decided I wanted to go to the little beach/lake area that is only about 2 miles away from our neighborhood. Josh had never been there, and I thought it'd be fun to go feed the ducks beforeit got too hot. We grabbed some bread and headed out. It took us a while to get the ducks to come to us, but it was so fun once they did. Then we walked over to the beach area and got our toes wet.

To be continued....

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