Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th!

Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July. My original plan was to have a big party. I like to have parties... I love the planning, decorating, cooking, etc. But, I noticed this time around that the thought of throwing a party did not feel exciting. Instead, it felt stressful. Despite all we've been doing to the house, I still don't feel that it's ready for a big party. And our yard definitely isn't.

Instead, we opted to have a small cookout with two friends that were in town visiting, and another couple that lives in our 'hood. This idea didn't stress me, so I knew it was a good one!

Now for pics:

(Additional seasonings for the corn on the cob, which was grilled with herb butter. Mmmm.)

(Grilled chicken tenders - we used a Habanero/Brown Sugar BBQ sauce made by a friends husband on it. Lit me on faaahr, but it was tasty!)

Even Lil' Lucy was feeling patriotic.

Here's the Bip, looking a bit too eager to light things on fire. After a few drinks, I had to forcefully tell him that he was NOT going to light a firecracker on the corner of our deck. It was one that shot up in the air and it would have caught either the tree or roof on fire. Possibly both. I hate it when I have to be the voice of reason! ;) He was really convinced it was a good idea.

The Bip and the Yucy are in YUV.

I bought lame-o fireworks because I am a wimp who didn't want to set her hood on fire. Thanks to LeAnn, we got a few pretty big ones like the one above. Thanks, LeAnn, for not being skeered!


(P.S. Most photos were taken with "Cross-Process" app for iphone)

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