Thursday, July 8, 2010

Garden - Week 12

Yep, I skipped two weeks of garden updates.

The squash and zucchini keep right on blooming, but we're just not getting any vegetables. Apparently, this is caused by lack of pollination. I guess the bees just aren't doing their thing. Rest assured that next year, as soon as the blooming starts, we'll be down there with paint brushes, doing the pollinating ourselves. We'll chalk it up to a lesson learned this time. All in all, our first year at this has been successful. But I wonder if we are going to hve the same problem with our pumpkins this fall. THAT would be a bummer.

My big tomato plant (potted all by it's lonesome in above picture) looks a little rough at times. Some of the branches have dried up and died, but other parts of the plant seem to be doing really well, and it keeps growing taller, too. No tomatoes yet, but several flowers. We'll see what happens.

(Heirloom tomato blooms)

We've had more jalapenos than I can count. And they just keep growing. It's been really fun, and we've been picking them less frequently to see how big they will get, so we've had some pretty good-sized ones in the last couple of weeks! It's slowing down a little bit, now, but we still have several more blooms and little ones still growing.

The basil is higher than my knee, creeping up to thigh-height! I need to find my food processor (in the garage) and make some pesto before it's too late.

I've let the dill go to flower, and once these dry, the seeds will fall out. I hope this means the dill will come up on it's own again next year!

I didn't think my lavender was even going to do anything this year, but it did, and it's lovely!

And here is a picture of my tarragon, just because I think it's pretty.

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