Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Garden, Week 14

The heirloom tomato plant is officially taller than me now, but still has no tomatoes. All the blooms shrivel up and die.

Here's another little squash that is probably going to shrivel up to nothing and die in two days. Actually, it's probably already dead, I haven't checked.

Jalapenos are still going somewhat strong.

Herbs are still out of control.

Things may look very different next update. I plan to cut down all the broccoli, because it's done and just taking up space. Basil will soon be gone to make pesto. I need to divide the tarragon and lemon thyme because they are too big... just need to find someone who wants to adopt the parts I dig out. Going to cut down all the squash and zucchini so our pumpkins have a chance... hopefully they will actually DO something. We shall see.

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