Friday, July 30, 2010

Birthday Weekend part 3, THE END!

Boy, I'm really milking this, huh?

Like I said in my previous post, we celebrated on Sunday with Tim and Meredith, who are both July babies, too!

Josh and I went to grab some appetizers and wings from Bufflao Wild Wings. He was stylin in his new orange tshirt. Love a man who can rock a vneck!

Earlier in the day I had grabbed some pasta salad and a yellow squash/ zucchini and feta cheese salad from whole foods to round out the meal. Oh, and cheese! Can't forget the cheese.

Josh got me a cake from Sweet and Sassy bakery (my favorite!) with a crude (to those with delicate sensibilities) nickname on it that we call each other. I tried to blur it out for those of you who might be horrified at us.

Tim and Mere:

We gorged ourselves and played cornhole and Wii.

(I like the above pic because our house and floors look lovely)

Tim and Meredith brought me flowers, a box full of stinky cheese and crackers and wine (yum) and other goodies. I felt really spoiled!!

Monday (my actual birthday) was wonderful, too. We had a busy morning (running errands and doing tax stuff and then I had to get an MRI), but we managed to fit in a nice big breakfast at Cracker Barrel, too. I took a long nap (when I woke up I had flowers from LeAnn on the nightstand!), and then we went to PF Changs for dinner (Kenny Rogers was there!)... it was such a great weekend.

34 is not too bad so far, with the exception of my rebellious knee issues.


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