Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy 30th, Mere!

Our sweet friend Meredith turned 30... (actually, she turns 30 TODAY, but) we celebrated with her and Tim and their friends Brett and Sarah at a cabin in GA on Lookout Mountain.

We grilled, had some drinks, and played Cornhole until dark. Once the sun went down we had birthday cake, then played a game that involved three rounds of trying to guess famous people by giving hints (first round), saying one word (second round), and doing charades (third round). After that, we played greed, and then most of us were tuckered out enough to call it a night. Or maybe it was just me.

Anyway, pics...

Driving there...

(gosh, he's cute)

(stopping for balloons on the way)

(cheesy 30th bday decor. Tim made her leave the house and as soon as we got there with all the decorations, we speed-decorated the place and were waiting with cheesy birthday horns to blow at her the moment she walked in. It was awesome.)


(bday girl)




(the bip and the bloon)

(bloon and her $3 wine! gosh, i love that stuff, I don't care how uncool it makes me.)

(tim and mere)

(brett and sarah)

(this is so creepy but funny)

Cornhole Teams:

(team #1 - though we came in last, largely due to my total lack of coordination)

(team #3 - second place. but man, they were competitive)

(team #2, first place.)



(i look like a frog. ribbit.)

(cake ablaze)

(hope that works, supposed to be a video)

Fun weekend! Happy birthday, Meredith!

(Photos were mostly taken with PictureShow app for iphone. I like it, EXCEPT they are only 300x400 pixels when I upload them. Wish they were bigger.)


  1. Tim and Meredith are just so damn cute!!! Happy Birthday to Meredith!! Woot!

  2. They are still crazy about each other! I think it's really cute, because Tim tries to talk all tough "Yeah, this weekend should buy me some brownie points, I'm good for 6 months after this," etc. But he doesn't do things for his 'old lady' for brownie points or any of that. He does it because he adores her. He's a big talker, but a softie at heart.

  3. ....Yeah, the good guys like to try and be tough and 'mask' their goodness with the "brownie points" stuff. Tim can't fool anyone, he's just a good husband!!! Jason does the same thing, but after 13 years, I know he is JUST that good.

    Men are funny.