Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Dinner with the fam

I'm having a hard time getting pictures to flickr via iPhone today, so I can't do the update I wanted. This will have to do!

Last night, we had Josh's brother and his wife over for dinner. I just love this wonderful family I have married into! We ate some good food (shrimp for an appetizer, salad, butternut squash/chicken/goat cheese pasta dish, roasted veggies and a chocolate souffle for dessert), shared a bottle of wine and talked and laughed around our table for hours. It was so wonderful, I just loved it.

More family time on Wednesday at Josh's moms. I can't wait, I really have the best in-laws in the world!

Josh and his bro:

Me and my seester-in-law (love, love, love her!):
Me and seester in law

I was feeling skinny yesterday, but she is so tiny that I look like an ogre next to her. My Chaka Khan hair isn't doing me any favors, either!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hey hun, yes we live very close to that. I hope you dont mind that I may have deleted your comment only bc i don't want ppl to know exactly where we live in Nashville. No worries though, and its my own fault bc I didn't think about the info I gave out only being in that spot of Nashville.. silly me.

  2. I understand completely - no problem! Glad you guys were mostly unaffected by it all. Mother Nature can be scary!

  3. Thank you. I hope you guys were safe as well.