Friday, February 25, 2011

This is what sheer panic looks like.

Jorge freaking out over tornado warning

Jorge has a problem with storms, or any kind of rain. The panic, uncontrollable shaking, and panting starts the moment he hears a raindrop fall from the sky. This didn't start until he was about 2 years old, and it has only gotten worse as he gets older (he will be nine in April). No amount of consoling, distracting, cuddling, reasoning, or doggie Xanax helps. So as you can imagine, last nights tornado warnings were a bit much for him to take. He will hyperventilate to the point where he stops breathing for a couple of seconds, then start tback up again. It's awful for us to deal with, but can you imagine how he feels? Poor guy.

Anyway, we tried to make the best of it last night, camping out in the bathtub when the tornado sirens went off (and one touched down in the next neighborhood over from us... we're very lucky to have been passed by).

Julio obviously doesn't care whats going on as long as he has a blanket and someone to snuggle with.

One of us is sleepy, one of us is confused, and one of us is FREAKING OUT:
Taking cover in bathtub during tornado warning

Even ultra-zen Poppa couldn't calm him.

Poor Jorge.

I'm very afraid he is going to give himself a heart attack. Short of switching to a medicine that will actually sedate him (if possible, and I don't even know if that would work, since he fights it so hard), I am not sure what do to. And Spring will just bring more storms...

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