Monday, February 21, 2011

Night Market food and dressing room adventures....

Friday night was the once a month night Market at the Farmer's Market. I think we missed the first month they started doing it, but we've been there every month since. It's so fun to try some different food and treat ourselves. I did not get a good picture of Josh's food, but he had barbecue with mac and cheese and garlic cheese grits. He really enjoyed it. I had a seafood pie:

(it was very small, so I didn't feel guilty eating it)

and, a marvelous cupcake!

I didn't feel guilty about this either, as I can't remember the last time I had a cupcake. I had already made my mind up that if there were any strawberry cupcakes present, that I was going to eat one. Well, then I saw that there were strawberry lemonade cupcakes and I knew I had to have one. However, once I got into the car and bit into it, I discovered she had given me a blueberry lemon cupcake, but I found I didn't mind at all. The inside of the cupcake was full of blueberries, and the icing was lemon. So wonderful.

Now for a little food confession. I fell off the WW wagon with a big ol' thud last Thursday. I was just so hungry after lunch, and I was at work, and I dove headfirst into some cookies and cheez-its. Then I felt awful about myself and lack of self control. That night was "movie night" with the Hubbin, and when he suggested ordering pizza, I thought "why not?" Heck, if I was going to go off plan, might as well go WAY off. Here's where the heroine has an "aha'' moment: I grabbed two pieces of pizza and could only eat one... I just didn't want it. I was already feeling yucky after the cookies and cheez-its, and I don't mean "yucky" as in "self-loathing" (although there was a little bit of that)... I just did not enjoy the way it tasted or the way it made me feel. My body isn't used to running on junk anymore. I made peace with myself, and got back on plan. I didn't even worry about what I ate on our Farmer's Market date, because it was small portions and wonderful quality time with my husband. Nothing wrong with fully enjoying the moment sometimes. We had a great time.

(and can I just be vain for a moment and say that I love that my face is slimming down a little and my chin is more defined? Because I do.)

Saturday morning we went to the gym and then I headed out for a brief shopping expedition. Every year we have a work event that we have to get pretty dressy for, and every year I go to Ross to buy a dress because I'm cheap and I know I'm not going to wear it more than once. Every year I find a dress for less than $20.

When I got to Ross I filled up my cart with several dresses to try on. Not just for the work event, but dresses I liked in general. Let's just say most of them looked better on the hanger. Yikes. You can tell by my face(s) I wasn't too thrilled. Here's proof:

Maybe I should just stay away from prints??? Egads.

But I did find a suitable dress ($19.99! And although it doesn't looks super-great in the photo, it's very flattering in person) a couple of tops, some new bras, a pair of dress shoes, some jeans and a cute little printed dress (though you can't tell in the photo how cute or flattering it is) that's way too short for work, but blew Josh's mind when I put it on at home. I told him I had nowhere to wear it, unless he wanted to take me out for a hot date... Otherwise I'd have to return it... Let's just say I think I'm gonna get a hot date soon.

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  1. I do the same thing with dieting... If I'm going to cheat I usually REALLY cheat, like eating half a box of cookies cheating... Oh well, life is too short to be deprived and hungry all the time! That cupcake sounds delightful and I'm sure after eating some yummy things you'll be able to keep up the hard work! You can do it!