Thursday, February 24, 2011

My new TV obsession.

Is anyone else watching "Extra Virgin" on the cooking channel? It's Debi Mazar and her husband, and it's half reality show, half cooking show. It's really filling my "Tori and Dean" void, plus it has food in it!

I think Debi Mazar is my new girl-crush... She has such great style (love her vintage-y look), an amaaaaazing body, and she is going to be 47 this year. 47! I am also obsessed with the color of their kitchen. It reminds me of the cottages on Tybee.

I've only caught a few episodes so far, but I can't wait to watch more. On one of them, they cobined honey with red-pepper flakes and dipped Tallegio cheese in it. I was drooling, and I think I'm going to try it just as soon as the weather and the Hubbin's study schedule agree with each other enough for a picnic... I am really dreaming of a wine, bread, cheese and honey picnic. Soon.


  1. I've seen several episodes of that show and I really like it too. They make such a cute couple and she seems so down to earth!

  2. I freaking' <3 this show!! They are so cute together. She is the perfect pinup girl/mom/wife! Not to mention their oh-so-cute kitchen!!