Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weight Watchers Week 6 - ANOTHER GAIN!

I am up another pound, and I'm not going to lie. I am frustrated. I know for a fact I am not overeating, and not only that, I have exercised every day this month, whether it's walking 1-3+ miles at home or going to the gym.

Without going all TMI on you, there are other factors probably contributing to this, but I had hoped that I would see some downward motion on the scale anyway, or at the very least, to stay the same as last week.

I'm still not giving up, though! Resisting any kind of junk temptation just gets easier and easier by the day, and cooking healthy meals is something I love to do. Exercising isn't my most favorite thing in the world, but i love the way I feel once I've done it. Just going to keep pushing harder... there is absolutely no reason I shouldn't see a loss next week. If I don't then I am going to need to re-evaluate this situation further.

Since my no-smoothies for meals resolution for the week didn't help me any, guess what I had for breakfast this morning after my weigh in? ;)

Here's a few other things I've been eating this week...

Mondays dinner: shrimp, zucchini, garlic, tomatoes. Yum. Josh made this, as I was still feeling really crappy.

Snack: spicy roasted chickepeas. Yum! He made these, too.

Last night's dinner: Cayenne-spiced "fried" (baked) chicken and lemon-basil smashed potatoes. Josh was not a fan of the lemony potatoes (though he loves lemon), but I thought they were amazing.


  1. you could be gaining muscle weight...

  2. Oh, Karla, how I wish it was! :)
    But my stomach is very bloated, and my face... I dont think it's muscle. But I wish!

  3. maybe your stomach is getting use to the change in diet or your wheat intake is too high. Possibly dairy is too high also. Bloating is definitely caused by both of these things.

  4. Too much dairy is most definitely a possibility! Thanks!