Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend (and the cardio lecture that backfired)!

The boys came home Friday night from their dad's (yes, my ex and I share custody of the dogs), and while my little momma's-boy Julio was happy to see me, he was more happy to see his poppa.

Julio says "This is MY poppa."


"ALL MINE :)" (look at that little doggie smile)

The weekend wasn't all about the dogs, however... I was a cooking and exercising fiend. It started last Saturday, on my walk with Meredith. It felt good to get my body moving again, so good that on Monday I drug the Gazelle out of the spare bedroom and did a mile. Tuesday morning (Feb 1) I read on a friend's FB page that she and some others were running a mile every day for the month of February. Now, I am not a runner and I don't know that I ever will be...But I decided to join in in my own way, by committing to walking a mile every day on the Gazelle (still too cold to walk much outside, and I can't watch TV outside either - haha). After just a week, the changes in the way I look and feel are very apparent (to my eyes), so much so that  a mile is not enough! I just keep going and I love it.

Saturday was the return to the gym for the Bip and me (he hadn't been since he got sick shortly after our wedding. I went a few times but then got too involved with canning and other Holiday things for a few months). On our way there, I received the "cardio lecture" yet again from my loving husband. In his mind the only "good" cardio is the elliptical (which I hate and it aggravates my knee), or running. He informed me that the treadmill I was planning to use was simply not good enough and I wouldn't see any changes. I ignored him - after all, one of my goals for the new year is to find an exercise plan that works best for me.

When we arrived at the gym, I hopped on that treadmill and swiftly walked my little (shrinking) tail off, my ponytail whipping from side to side as I read the closed-captioning for "That's So Raven" on the TV above me. In the mirror, I could see my loving husband behind me on the elliptical.. and it was kicking his ass. After 3 minutes (yep, I timed him), he had to get off and take a break to "stretch". It was hard to keep from smiling. He did get back on the horse, so to speak, though he spent much of his time on it bent over as though he were about to pass out at any given moment.

After my treadmill time, I moved onto the exercise bike, two ab machines and some sit-ups. I'm proud to say I whipped my sweet husband's butt on those. I think I will be spared the cardio lecture for at least two more weeks, because he cannot deny that even though I am not doing it 'his way', it's working for me. I'm not going to tell him "told you so", as being silently right is sometimes the best revenge. ;)

Cooking also played a big role in the weekend. I love meal planning and shopping, though I could still live on these, and sometimes do for two meals a day: (this or oatmeal are the two sure-fire breakfast things that truly keep me feeling full until lunch)

Friday night I made this beef and broccoli stir-fry. So darn good, and the leftovers were just as great.

Yesterday I made a chili roasted chicken & potatoes, and roasted some cauliflower and grape tomatoes with garlic. It was a great (though not very colorful) Sunday meal.

And then the Bipster begged me to bake WW mini-choc chip cookies, so I obliged him (very quick to mix up and only 6-8 minutes to bake).

After I made our menu for the week, I noticed we were leaning heavily on spicy and/or mexican food. I mean, chili-spiced chicken, spicy beef tacos, enchiladas, chorizo burritos... wow. We like spicy. Tonight, however, is a repeat of last week's shrimp sandwiches since we loved them so much. Thursday is potluck/craft night with some girlfriends, and we're doing all appetizers. I found some great WW ones that I can't wait to try. Southwestern Turkey Meatballs with a Creamy Cilantro Dipping Sauce? Yes, please.

And here's two gratuitious dog shots:

I'm out... happy Monday!

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