Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow Day = lots of cooking!

Snow has once again come to Nashville. Wednesday afternoon got pretty treacherous. My drive home took about 2 hours and 15 minutes - and it was only 20 miles! My driver's side windshield wiper caked up with ice and I couldn't see anything. I was that panicked person with my hazards on all. the. way. home.

Yesterday morning, I knew there was no way I was going into work. I looked outside and saw none of my neighbors were going anywhere, not one car had driven down the street (until about 11 a.m.!), and then I turned on the news and watched people's cars spinning on the interstates. No thank you. I knew that even if I was able to make it out of my neighborhood, there was no way in the world I was going to drive the icy interstates. I wisely opted (with about half of the rest of the staff) to keep my booty parked at home.

Winter, I'm over you.

However, staying home isn't too exciting. So I spent most of the day cooking. When being housebound made me too anxious I'd hop on the gazelle and do a mile (3 miles total yesterday, yeah!). Craft night was supposed to be last night, but I cancelled it due to the weather. I had turkey meatballs mixed up and ready to be baked for it, so we had those for lunch with a cilantro dipping sauce. Both of those recipes are from

Josh didn't like the dipping sauce and also thought the meatballs were 'too oniony', so I brought the leftovers to work (along with the white bean dip I made for craft night) and they seem to be going over just fine here!

I find baking to be good for soothing the ol' nerves as well, so next I decided to make a Weight Watcher's chocolate souffle I've been drooling over, since I already had all the ingredients on hand. It only takes about 12 minutes to bake, since you do it in a skillet. If you can melt chocolate chips, whip egg whites, and fold it all together, then you can make this! Don't be intimidated by the word 'souffle'!

Obviously the portion with ice cream belongs to my husband, who has never met a chocolate dessert he didn't like! He ate eight out of the ten servings it makes, and managed to do so in just two tries! ;)

Lastly, I decided to make some pear muffins.

I have happy coworkers today. I think they forgive me for not being here yesterday!


  1. Im so jealous of your snow day! Schools were closed for 2 days last week for "snow day" but yea, we got 0 snow.

    Oh and I must try those meatballs & sauce!

  2. The sauce is so good. I made it again this morning and I am going to use it throughout the week as a veggie dip/salad dressing at lunch.