Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rough morning already!

Last night, I finished sorting through all of my books. These are the 'keep' piles...

I am very proud of myself, though, because I am getting rid of three large boxes of books! Really hard to do when you're a book lover, but I did have some I felt indifferent about, so I chucked 'em. Can't wait to get shelving and everything in there... it's going to be a glorious little library once finished.

This morning has not been the best morning. I was woken up at 3:30 by a funny sound. It sounded like Jorge trying to get out of the baby gate (the dogs sleep in the laundry room now. Julio adjusted wonderfully, but Jorge is a bit more willful and rebellious about it). I tried to go back to sleep, but next thing I know, I heard the click-clack of dog toenails by the side of my bed. Jorge had escaped. Then Julio started crying. It was kind of windy out, so I thought maybe Jorge was worried about a storm and that had set him off. I let them outside to pee, then made them go back to bed, and blocked the gate with some chairs to keep them contained. I don't understand why Jorge would rather waste his time and energy rebelling when he could be sleeping! They have beds, toys, water in there. It's hardly prison conditions, and it's only at bedtime!

I woke Josh up and asked if he could go roll up my car windows in case it rained. I have been keeping them down a crack at all times these last few days because the floors on the passenger side of my car are SOAKED. Somehow, my front passenger window was open just a fraction of an inch during the storms over the weekend (not sure if it was my fault or Josh's - he was the last one in it). It normally wouldn't be a big deal, but because of the amount of rain we got, it kind of is a big deal. The back especially. I don't want things to get moldy and stinky, so leaving the windows cracked all the time until it dries out is my best bet.

We went back to bed and I couldn't sleep. I told the Bip I was going out on the couch, usually flipping channels and a change of scenery helps me. He asked if he could join me. So there we were, one at each end of the couch, except he likes to keep his knees bent when he sleeps, so his legs were over me. It was comical, and not comfortable, either. Josh also took a benadryl because he was feeling lousy (allergies, asthma and mowing grass aren't a good combination). So, back to the bed we went. He fell asleep right away, but I couldn't. I had all this stuff running through my head - things left to do to get ready for the yard sale, the fact that I'm way overdue for a checkup with my lady parts doctor.... and then I started worrying about that. What if I can't get pregnant... I mean, I'm almost 34. And then I was worried about the medication I take to sleep. It's not pregnancy safe, and I've tried going back to Unisom (which is pregnancy safe) but it really doesn't work and it makes my arms feel all prickly and then I get anxious, which does not help with the insomnia. And then I started thinking about how last time I took prenatal vitamins, I got kidney stones from it. All the calcium I guess. And I am sure I could take a modified vitamin, or just Folic Acid, but instead I thought "WHAT IF I GET KIDNEY STONES WHILE I'M PREGNANT?" It would be so horrible. They couldn't really give me pain pills or do any procedures for it, I wouldn't think, and sitting at a desk 8 hours a day with Kidney Stones? That's probably what hell is. So then I started crying and having a panic attack and I woke up the Bip to comfort me, and I had to take Ativan to calm myself down (also not pregnancy safe), and I was finally able to fall back to sleep about 10 minutes before the alarm went off. Grrrr.

So I got up and decided I was going to bring some Zen into my day because it was off to a bad start already. I went out to the garden to look at my veggies and soak in some peace. Then I noticed one of my broccoli plants was looking kind of rough... I inspected further and noticed that the stem on a couple of the leaves looked funny. Oh, jeez, that's because there are CATERPILLARS ON THEM that identically match the plant.... just munchin away on my broccoli leaves! I started ripping them of and flinging them across the yard. So much for my Zen. I did do some reading on it today, and birds like to eat those evil little creatures, so we're lucky that we have a LOT of birds in our yard. I am counting on them to save my broccoli!

Then I drove to work and traffic sucked and now here I am. My problems are very small (nonexistent, really) considering what so many others in the area are going through, and I know that, but still, it felt good to write them down and get it out. I did make a doctor's appointment for June 9th, so I am looking forward to at least getting some questions out of the way with that.

Onward and upward! Looking so forward to this yard sale, and then the one we'll do in Ohio next month. I can't wait to get rid of stuff.

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  1. I'm so glad you are getting rid of some of your stuff!! That will be wonderfully freeing for you!! :)

    Also--don't worry so much about the baby thing. You and Josh have not even been together a year yet, so just enjoy one another. Babies will come when the time is truly right!!

    .....and your eggs really are NOT that old. 50 year old women have babies nowadays! (not that I recommend that) :)