Monday, May 24, 2010

PAINT! (Sunday)

Sunday, Josh woke up bright and early so his dad could come over and help him fix his truck. Yep, something was wrong with it again. Let's hope neither of us have any more vehicle issues for a while, ok? I managed to sleep until about 8, which is pretty much unheard of anymore in my world.

Once all the truck fixing was over, the Bipster and I headed out to get my oil changed. Again with the internets having the wrong hours of business posted. It was supposed to open at 11, but when we got there, it said they didn't open until 12. I tell ya, all these people with their late opening hours makes me feel kind of old. We're usually up and at em by 7:00 on the weekends, and by God if we don't like to be done with everything by noon. *shakes fist at sky* Obviously, the rest of the world keeps different hours. So - we went to kill some time at Target. I found (and bought) a couple of (CHEAP!) shirts (and it turns out they looked way better on the hanger), the Bip found a funky, preppy pair of plaid slip-on shoes (he's the type that can actually pull that look off), and other than that we just got some cleaning supplies. However, we did wander around leisurely, and it was nice. We ended up looking at baby stuff (always happens) and as we were wandering one of the aisles, the Bip leaned over and whispered the sweet words that every woman in Target longs to hear from her man: "Let's go look at car seats!"

So we did. It seems like kind of a racket, though. Maybe I'm wrong and we just didn't look hard enough, but there didn't seem to be any you could use from birth up until toddler time, straight through. We found some that were from 5-20 lbs, and others that were for 15-45 lbs or whatever. Wha? Confusing. Anyway, I am sure we'll get that figured out when and if that time ever comes for us, but it's fun to look. And smell the baby soap. Mmmmm.

ANYHOO - we finally did get my oil changed and then I am not sure what happened, but the Bip got all gung-ho about painting and hanging beadboard in the bathroom and painting 5 rooms in one day... Oy Vey. All I said was we needed to start painting soon. We currently have lots of spackle happening, and that needs to be covered up sooner rather than later. The only thing worse than white walls that need some color on them is white walls with whiter spackle all over them that need some color on them. The Library needs to be painted before we come home from Ohio June 7th with all the shelving. And the front bedroom needs  to be painted before then, too, because it will then become our room and our current room will be the guest room and (God willing) eventual nursery. Since we'll be bringing home furniture from my storage unit up north, including another bed, we need to get it goin'. Needless to say we ended up at Home Depot with several gallons of paint, but no beadboard. We're going to wait on that a bit.

So, we got home, did some cleaning, moved everything in the rooms to be painted into the center of the rooms (pics of that are on my flickr), then he did some more spackling (I did help some), we watched the Lost series finale (rip-off) and then he started painting the 3rd bedroom at 11 pm! We (I) ended up picking a shade darker than what we originally planned, and to be honest, I don't know if I like it. I am sure I will love it once the trim is painted white, the shelves are in, and stuff is on the walls. But the tone of our (dark stained) trim right now has got a bit of red in it, and with how yellow-toned the green is... I'm scared. I couldn't get an honest representation of it in a picture, though. They all look too lime/brown/yellow. These are all pics of the same paint, and none of them look the same.

Looks too yellow here.

Looks brown here.

Looks way too dang green here.

The thing is, I had a very similar color to this in the living room of my old house. And I loved it. But I had white trim. So, as I already said, I am sure I am going to love it once the trim is painted, the white shelving is in, the artwork is up, etc., etc.

This is probably the most true-to-life picture of it.

Ok, that actually doesn't look so bad.

And it looks good against the white.

Ok, I feel so much better about it now. Whew.

And I know our bedroom color is going to look grrrr-eat, so I am not worried about that. However, I AM worried about the blue in the living and dining rooms. I am not going to make any judgements on it (or post any photos, probably) until stuff is on the walls and it's decorated and we have the correct chairs we want. All that will happen after June 7th... there will probably be a barrage of pictures then, so brace yourselves now.

I guess we'll see whether or not he has it all done when I get home... anyone want to place any bets?

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