Friday, May 14, 2010


It's been kind of a crappy week.... Good things are always happening, of course, but my car battery just up and died last week. I was able to get it jumped (great coworkers!) so I could get home, but then we had such a busy weekend (Yard Sale and Mother's Day), that we never got around to replacing it.

Monday I drove Bip's truck to work (he wasn't planning to go anywhere that day as it was his first day of NO SCHOOL for the summer), and Tuesday he got the battery, but in the meantime he had already taken me to work and was going to pick me up. When he pulled into my parking lot that afternoon, steam was gushing out from under his hood. We had to drive it to his dad's old shop and wait for his uncle (who is a mechanic) to get off of work and come check it out. So, briefly there, neither of us had a working vehichle. Luckily, his uncle knew wheat the problem was, and $50 later, it was fixed. And the next morning he put in my battery, so all is well with the transportation at the moment. I'm very grateful for that.

On Wednesday, my knee started hurting again, except worse than before (it has hurt for about a month, on and off, very stiff, hurts to bend/flex, I walk kind of weird and it makes my hip feel grindy). So yesterday morning I went to the Doc and Bip drove me because it's my right knee and it just hurt too bad for me to drive with it. And then the doctor was running soooo behind I didn't get to see him (had to reschedule, meanwhile I bawled in the waiting room like an idiot), and Bip dropped me off at work. I got some of those chicken/tuna salad packs with crackers that they sell at CVS for lunch. The tuna one tasted funny, so I threw it away. A few minutes later I got sweaty all over and next thing I know, I threw up. UGH. So I had to call Bip to come get me, and I spent the rest of the day in bed. Yesterday was a bad day.

I feel better today, just kind of weak and tired. And I am supposed to go see the Doctor at 2 this afternoon about my knee, except it doesn't hurt NEARLY as bad today as it did the past two days when I couldn't bend it. But, since it's been an ongoing problem, it is still probably something I need to get checked out.

So, see? It's been an odd and kind of unpleasant week. Oh, and then today I locked my keys in my car when I got to work. WITH MY CAR STILL RUNNING. Second time I've done it, too. Thankfully, my insurance handles all that kind of stuff - at least I didn't have to pay for the locksmith!

There is always good news, though... the three things we put on Craigslist post-yard sale sold within about 12 hours. All of them! That bumped up our yard sale profit significantly.

Home Depot finally has the Martha Stewart paint colors out! We had picked colors for most of the rooms already, but decided to wait on Martha - I am so glad we did. She brought back a lot of her colors from when she had the Sherwin Williams line, and I am so pumped about that! I'll probably do a post on paint colors next, we are still trying to narrow a few rooms down to the exact shade. And I am so undecided about the bathroom....

We're about 3 weeks away from going to Ohio to sell some of my stuff that has been in storage for 5 years, and going back to IKEA (since we'll have a moving truck) to get some of the stuff we need to finish off the living room and 3rd bedroom.

These two prints (not from IKEA) will be gracing our living room walls... Yellow is our main accent color against the blue-grey walls and our furniture is cream and brown. We will have some woven-natural type accents in there as well.

I also have this print that I have had for YEARS, but I am not sure what do do with it. I feel it might be Music City overload in the living room (the two brighter prints, above, will hang together over the couch with something between them... I'd love to use my granspas old banjo... we'll see what works when we actually get to that point).

The thing is, it would actually match the living room, with all the browns and blues and naturals... I guess there is always hope for it in the adjoining dining room (which will be same color as living room, with the exception of one very dark brown wall that the soon-to-be blazing white credenza will be against... the contrast will be so fun!).

Anyway, I am not sure what to do with it. There is always the library and the guest room, right?

Speaking of the library... It will be full of these on three of the walls to accomodate all of my books.....

The two long walls in this room will have these bigger units and maybe some smaller ones, too, so that we literally have wall-to-wall shelving. There will be some smaller ones on the short wall to accomodate a small tv and some other things. The great thing about IKEA (and there are many, it's just getting through there with big purchases that is such a pain) is that they make boxes/baskets/drawers, etc that fit in these units, so you can use them for anything. I have a lot of stuff with no real 'home' - my crafting supplies and such. They will go in baskets or boxes that fit in this, and I am so happy about it!

I am not sure where the below pic came from - I just had it saved to my computer because this is kind of what we're going for, except heavier on the books. But you can see the baskets and boxes and such. We're also getting this desk, but it will be at the end of the unit, up by the window, so Bip can look out into the backyard when he studies.

The walls will be green, shelving and trim will be white, my globe collection will live on top.... Cannot wait til it's done! We're going to throw in a few orange accents, too. I love the way a few pops of orange play off of green.

I know this is getting long, but oh well, it's my blog and I'll ramble if I want to. One last bit of excellent news - my Shark Floor Steamer was delivered yesterday. It's safe for hardwoods, too. I love that it sanitizes just using steam - it will make me feel better when we have little Bippy and Bippettes crawling around. No chemicals to get on their little hands and then into their mouths (as they tend to do).

I hate the flooring in our kitchen and bathroom. It's vinyl, and it's textured, and it's impossible to get clean in those little divots... until the Shark!

This is how much dirt it got up of that horrible kitchen floor... (look at the pad on the mop).

I cannot believe how great it works! The floor has never looked so clean (but I still can't wait to replace it, or see if the hardwood underneath is salvageable in both kitchen and bath - otherwise, we're tiling!)

Happy Friday!

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