Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend! (Saturday)

We had kind of a busy weekend... I took a lot of pictures and I am unsure if I will make several posts today, or maybe just write them and set them up to post in the next few days. I tend to make several posts at once, and then nothing for a week. Oh well, I guess I'll figure out what to do later.

Friday was our Habitat for Humanity build day at work. It has been a goal of Josh's for a long time to do that, so he came along with me and volunteered, and was very happy to do so. I learned how to install insulation. Very good life skill to have.

Saturday we got up and went to the Flea Market. It was a little chilly when we got up, so I wore jeans, and boy did I regret it by the time I got there. You see, it's kind of unusual for Nashville to have such a long spring. We tend to go from cool to sweltering in about a week. But we've had very mild weather this spring, so I've yet to bust out my sundresses. Well, I guess sweltering decided to come on Saturday, AFTER I had put my jeans on. So I basically sweat to death, and we were done at the flea market around 11:30. I can't believe it was that hot before noon!!! It's going to be 90 today, and June is just around the corner... perhaps it's finally safe to put the turtlenecks away?

Pictures from the Market O' Fleas:

(I REALLY wish I would have spent the $8 on the above vintage ice bucket)

(Can you believe these little skulls are carved from KNEECAPS? The Bip was fascinated, and considering the issues I've been having with my own knee lately, $15 seemed like a bargain for a new one!)

(Our only purchase. It now resides in the garden. If you're curious, Josh's wrist tattoo say "Know Thyself" in Greek. I believe it was over the entrance of the ruins of an ancient Greek temple and he saw a picture of it somewhere, and now it's on his wrist. It's my favorite tattoo of his.)

We had the BEST roasted corn at the Flea Market right before we left. There was a little stand set up, and it had every seasoning you could ever ask for, so you could season your corn however you wished. I think we ended up using butter buds, salt, a rosemary and garlic blend, and parmesan. I think we're going to use this idea at the little 4th of July party we're planning. Old Bay seasoning would be great on this, too, I think!

Our plan was to go to Prince's Hot Chicken for lunch. Nashville is famous for it's Hot Chicken, and rightfully so. Prince's is the best. Josh was born and raised here and has never been there! I've talked to him about it a few times, and then someone mentioned it at the Habitat build, so I was bound and determined to eat there on Saturday. According to the internet, they open at noon on Saturdays. We got there a few minutes before noon, and the sign said they didn't open until 2 p.m. Sadness! So instead, we went to "Richie's Hot and Spicy Castle" in Madison. I had never been there, but Josh has been a few times. It seemed like a good compromise.

Let me tell you, that stuff was goooood. Josh had the Cajun Catfish and Dirty Rice:

And I had the just-as-tasty, but not as photogenic Cajun Chicken Sandwich and Spicy Fries (and I had already taken a bite of it before I remembered to take a picture:

It was all so delicious. I ended up bringing most of mine home because I couldn't finish it.... It was just as yummy later that day. I can't wait to go back, and I hope we get to go to Prince's soon, too. If you are in the Nashville Area, Richie's is on Old Hickory Blvd in Madison. Do check it out.

Of course, after all that spicy, we needed something to cool off, right? So our next stop was Baskin Robbins!

(Why am I making this face? Yuck. Total Snooki face, I hate it when girls do that in photos, and there I am, doing it.)

And I can't think of a better picture to end with than the one below!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing, napping, reading, and I did some catching up on some DVR'd Giada shows (which reminds me, I have some recipes to print out). It was a great Saturday!

More posts coming up... be sure to think good thoughts for the Bip today.... not only is he getting a haircut (and there is always a chance of haircuts being tragic), but he is painting THREE rooms in the house today AND putting  on a second coat of paint in the third bedroom, which he painted last night). He was also going to put up some beadboard and do some painting in the bathroom, but I think that's a little much to try to attempt in one day!

Hope your weekend was happy!

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