Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paint Purgatory

We are currently in paint purgatory, still trying to find the perfect living room color. Our Ohio trip has been postponed, but the good news is there is a chance we can get my storage stuff DELIVERED this weekend and it will cost us much less. The Bip is currently trying to get that worked out.

So next weekend, instead of going to Ohio, we'll probably be doing more painting and hopefully landing on the right color for the living/dining room. I THINK I can like the color we have in the 3rd bedroom, but I'm still a little iffy.

This weekend we are having some friends over for games and dinner, despite the chaos. After a few drinks, perhaps they won't notice the 15 different 'test' shades of blue on the walls that have been applied as we attempt to hunt down that elusive shade that is in my head.

Yesterday evening we had a nice little rainstorm which caused Jorge to panic, which meant we had to give him his doggie Xanax again, which meant he stumbled around drunkenly for a couple of hours with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

Oh, it never stops being funny.

But it certainly tires out little Julio!

Wish us luck as we continue to embark on this paint journey...

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