Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long weekend in pictures and words... (yes, I pigged out a little)

Hot bar at Whole Foods for lunch on Friday...



Followed by some yummy goodness at Sweet CeCe's (I can't wait to go back there!!):

...and a little trip to Anthropologie...

where I found these great labels to use for my canning! (side note: also found a recipe for a Honey Fig jam that I can't wait to try!):

The rest of the weekend consisted of lots of time with these guys!


Portrait of a boy who is fed up with his little brother.

Chaos overlord

*sigh*... what have I done wrong NOW?

Found himself a big ol' stick!

Stone cold bird killa, and all-around badass.

(P.S. Pablo killed 3 birds in 3 days. He just jumps straight in the air and plucks them out of the sky. He is a killing machine. Birds are bad enough, I will be pretty distraught when he finally bags a squirrel. He has gotten very close!)

Someone's not a fan of this whole new brother thing.

First pic of all three of the together!!

Enjoying the backyard...

Dear Sunday, I kind of love you.

Putting on a cute dress to combat the 95 degree temps:

A last minute dinner/cookout with friends. I got to use my summer plates!

Complete with "stolen" hydrangeas from Tim and Meredith (they have the most enviable Hydrangeas in the neighborhood. She told me I was welcome to them but it still felt like stealing since they were out of town!):

Even a couple for the bathroom!:

Nothing like a couple of hydrangeas to liven up the back of the toilet!

And of course, a LOT more of this guy (who the day after surgery and 3 pulled teeth was acting like nothing ever happened):

Not pictured: reading, shopping, running (!!!!), gardening (added more peppers, a tomato plant and strawberries to the garden and a fig tree to the yard), and NAPPING!


  1. LOVE sweet cece's...glad you found it! :)

  2. Oh, Karla, it was so good! Josh wasn't a huge fan, but I hope to convince him to accompany me again. I tried three flavors - hershey's kiss, cake batter, and original tart. The first two were winners, I didn't love the third. But once you've had cake batter mixed with lucky charms and hershey's kiss mixed with graham cracker crumbs, how can life ever be the same again? It can't.