Friday, May 20, 2011

Ohio, Part 3 - Friday

Friday my mom announced she was taking us both to the eye doctor for eye exams and new glasses (contacts for Josh). I have vision insurance, but free is always better and now I have two new new pairs of glasses! My last pair were (was?) from 2005 and just not flattering... nor helping my eyesight much (the ol' eyeballs have gotten worse in the last 6 years).

After the eye doc, we went to Wei Wei for lunch. It's kind of a dive, but their food is so good - their lettuce wraps are even better than PF Changs and you can quote me on that.

Plus, they have "bubble drinks". Josh had his first and he liked it.

Then we headed to Genoa to hit up Packer Creek Pottery. I was really hoping Hubbin would fall in love with the stuff despite the prices and treat me a little. No such luck. But isn't the store cute?

Also, let it be known that I don't care if this tiny tea set is $90 - if I ever have a daughter, it's hers.

By complete chance we happened to see my favorite cousin in the world, Brent, when we entered town. He told us to stop by his house after we went to Packer Creek Pottery, so we did and got to see his cute kiddos and lovely wife and beautiful new house.

Oh, Genoa. You're so cute.

Then we went back to Mom's and she took Josh to the Hospital with her so he could get a feel for what it's like (she's a surgical nurse and he is in nursing school). He enjoyed it immensely and it just made him realize that he's really more interested in the nurse anesthetist side of things. If this happens that means 6 more years of school ahead instead of just 2 (!!!!), but it also means really good money in the end. It kind of throws a wrench into the whole child-bearing thing for me, too. I could still have my first child (God-willing) when he graduates in 2013 (I'll be almost 37!!), but any more after that would have to be put on hold until I'm (gasp!) 40-41. We shall see how it all pans out, but I don't feel resistance about him pursuing his desired field... the only thing we have to figure out is the kid situation because we do want a family, but my age is going to be a factor, I am afraid. The good news is once he is completely out of school and employed, if he chooses the nurse anesthetist path, I can be a full-time mom if I choose, or pursue my interests and get a job in a more creative field. I have not lost my love for real estate and I'd like to dabble in that, as well as home-staging and catering/party planning. Or maybe I'll just be super-mom, and throw myself into the kids and their schooling, and housewife-type-stuff and being the best wife and mother in all the land. Being able to choose is a pretty wonderful thing in itself.  No matter what happens, it will all work out as it should. Me and my ovaries are trying to be really zen about all this... how many more days until my next yoga class, again?

And that was our Friday.

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