Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ohio visit - part one!

We were jam-packed BUSY the entire time we were there, and I took a lot of pictures, so I am going to break the whole thing up into small, easy to digest posts.

We left last Tuesday, after work, and of course we hit traffic here and there and had to stop a few times to walk Pablo (Jorge and Julio were with their Dad). This was supposed to be a dog-free trip, since we were driving Josh's little truck there and back, but then Pablo came into our lives and the rest is history.

He was a fairly good boy in the car. Very curious about everything, but slept most of the time.

As soon as we hit exit 29 north of Cincy we made a stop at Tim Horton's (it is the closest one, and we count down the miles til we get there). An Iced Capp and an everything bagel with vegetable cream cheese makes everything all right in the world.

Unfortunately, we are so deprived of Tim Horton's here in the south, that the Iced Capps turn into a two-a-day habit when we're up north. We also got hooked on Timbits, unfortunately!!

We finally arrived at my mom's around 3 a.m. Wednesday morning. Visited for awhile and of course Pablo was a little wound up. Who knows what time it was by the time we got to bed. When we got up, Josh went to the gym to get a temporary pass for while we were there and then worked out like the crazy man he is. I ended up going back to bed and sleeping off the "jet lag".

My mom was at work that day/evening, so I made Josh take me to my absolute favorite little dive to eat at in Ohio. Freeway!

I hadn't been there in about 5 years, and it's still exactly the same as it has always been. I've been going there since I was teenager, and although it's not fancy or healthy, the food (to me) is incredible. Best milkshakes ever!

I had my "usual" - the roast beef sandwich and mashed potatoes covered in gravy, with a side of cottage cheese. I have to say, this meal started the downward spiral of our eating while there. We normally do not eat anything NEARLY this heavy, but I am powerless when it comes to Freeway... Something about the way the white bread soaks up the gravy makes my eyes roll back in my head.

Josh had my "other usual" which is the 3 eggs, bacon, toast and potatoes (hash browns) breakfast. I am not a hash brown fan, but theirs are incredible.

We went back to Mom's and settled into a food coma, and that was our Wednesday!

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