Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Our weekend was pretty lovely, but busy!

Saturday morning we woke up and went to the gym. They had a circuit training class going on that I thought would be fun. Um, I was wrong. The cardio part of the class consisted of step aerobics. If you know me at all in real life, you know I am NOT graceful nor coordinated in the least bit. When I realized what kind of class it was going to be, I was quick to inform the teacher that it wasn't my forte and I would most likely get out of step. She told me as long as I kept stepping, even if I wasn't doing the right steps, I'd still get a good work out. Did I mention this class was an hour long? Yikes.

I loved the other parts of the class, though. The abs, warm up, cool down, the weights, etc. Just not the stepping. The worst/best part was there is this guy there who goes to just about every class and he always hollers things out, people's names, "wooooo!", that kind of stuff. Well, the whole time I was struggling, he kept yelling "Don't give up, Shawna! You gon' be a stepper! Wooo!" I could have died of embarassment. Even the pregnant girl in class was kicking my ass. And of course, Mr. Cheerleader never yelled out my name when I was doing something right. I would have loved to hear "You're killin' those bicep curls, girl!" Oh, well.  But it was a good workout, even if I did most of it wrong. Today is the first day that I am not sore from it. My arms DEFINITELY got it good.

After the gym, we headed for our Neighborhood Home Tour. I was really excited about it, because number one I love my 'hood, number 2 I love to see how people decorate, and number 3 I like it when the community (and other people) all come together for this event. Unfortunately, this year was a dud. There were two houses on our side of the hood on the tour, but the one was so messy... I'd hate to see how they live every day if they are that messy on tour day. The other house on our side was the same style as ours, and it's always neat to see how different the houses are even when they are the same layout. The girl that owned that one was very sweet and we talked with her a lot. She knew which house was ours in the neighborhood (hello, yellow door!) and asked us a lot of questions about our house and I told her to stop by anytime to come have a look. It has always been a dream of mine to be on the home tour, but I always think I have this or that to finish and it's not 'perfect'.  Well, it's probably never going to be perfect, but it does have a personality and lots of character (most of the other homes this year were very lacking in that department). So I made up my mind to do it next year, no matter what is still 'imperfect' or 'undone'.

After the home tour, I met my friend/coworker Julie at the Mall for a "girl date" to guide her through Forever 21 (they have some great stuff, but the store can be so overwhelming!) I ended up with 3 dresses.

After the mall I went to Whole Foods to stock up on some cheese because the next day we were going to Arrington Vineyards to celebrate my bro-in-law's bday (and you know Josh and I always get put on cheese duty!). I got great service at the cheese counter, he just kept feeding me samples! I was in heaven. After that I went to the grocery store to do our regular shopping, and by the time I got home it was evening and I hadn't sat down in my house all day! But I still had a little cooking to do. When I finally did sit down, Julio just wanted to cuddle.

Our Sunday Miracle was Pablo and Julio in the same bed! Although I think Pablo just got in there to steal Julio's little mouse, but Julio let him, so it's a start, right?

Pablo has been a challenge these last few days (and that is putting it mildly). He is scheduled to be fixed TOMORROW, and then we are going to look into a trainer for him. He is definitely not your typical puppy. I always joke that if he had a cartoon thought balloon over his head it would repeat the word "Destroy!" over and over.


Arrington was fun. So good to see my bro-in-law and sis-in-law in town from CO and spend time with family and friends. In addition to bringing the cheese plate (with crackers, fig jam and honey and red pepper flakes to accompany), and hummus and pita chips, I made vegetable pizza. Yum!

Here's me and the bday boy:

And me and my sweet seester-in-law (love, love, LOVE her):


Chad and Katie (the couple we had over for dinner a couple of weeks ago):

I didn't take as many picutres as I usually do this weekend. :( But I DO make a mean cheese plate. :)

Gratuitous Dog Shots:
My yittles love the sunshine!!

Soaking up some vitamin D.

This morning I was supposed to go to the gym for a 5:30 ab class, but right before my alarm went off (at 4:50), a crazy storm hit and we lost our electricity. I would have still went in the rain, but it was still pitch black outside and it wasn't just rain, it was a crazy heavy downpour! I am hoping for decently light traffic on the way home so I can at least make it to pilates at 5:30 tonight. We'll see, but I hope so! Send me some good traffic vibes!

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