Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yoga, round 3, and Pablo

Pablo got neutered yesterday and 3 teeth pulled, but it isn't slowing him down a bit. I just got a one minute video from Josh of him playing like crazy. He is immune to the pain medicine, apparently! It made Julio sleep non-stop, but I think it just dulls Pablo's pain enough to make him feel like his old self.

Crazy booger.

Last night was yoga, and I was totally off my game. I was ok at first, cleared my head with no problem, but then I kept messing up the moves, losing my blalance, wondering why my knee was hurting so bad - um, because I forgot to use my toes on some poses! I would not engage my foot at all and just kept coming down hard on my knee, like an idiot! It was nearly impossible to get back into a good headspace after that, I and I did not get my usual release, which was disappointing for me.

We did get to do a new (to me) move that I love - the Boat Pose!

We also did another pose that I don't know the name of and can't find a picture of, but we were on our backs, legs up and spread in a V-shape, and then did kind of a sit-up with our upper body! Difficult, but enjoyable.

One really cool thing that happened was this... at the end of class she usually goes around the room and touches your head and shoulders (I think I mentioned this in my last yoga post). Well between the music, the hardwood floors, my eyes closed, and her bare feet, I couldn't tell where she was in the room. Until she got to Josh, who was next to me. I didn't hear her, (and I know this is going to make me sound like a new-age nutso), but I felt her energy. I just felt a sense of peaceful warmth by/in my right shoulder, and I knew she was there. And then, inexplicably, my fingers (my hands were at my side, palms-up in corpse pose) on my right hand started to curl toward her. I had no control over them! Such a strange but neat experience... it almost makes up for my lack of Zen.

However, I am hurting pretty badly today, especially in my lower back. Not sure if it is because I messed up so badly last night, or something else, but in any case, I took today off from the gym. I have a 4 day weekend coming up and I am going to use the blessing of having two weekdays off to do some daytime classes there that I otherwise miss out on!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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