Monday, December 20, 2010

The Ghosts of Christmas Present

Oh, it hurts to write this post, because to do so is admitting to failure.

I do not have it together this Holiday Season.

Due to the hubbin's school and study schedule, and the fact that I should stay far, far away from ladders and electricity, this is the closest we're going to get to having Xmas lights on our house this year. Not even any on the tree, because it's aluminum. To say I feel a bit cheated is an understatement, but it's pointless to put them up now and just take them down in a week.


My baking is so far off schedule it's not even funny. Due to many factors, our Christmas gatherings are scattered in most places, and non-existent in others. Yesterday I was supposed to have had round one (of three) of my baking done. Today it was all supposed to be mailed up north to my side of the family. Do you think any of that happened? No. Know why? Two words: Flip Cup.

Long story short, there was a party at my Brother and Sister in law's on Saturday night (perhaps more on that in a later post). It was the kind of party that requires a week of recovery (they really should have put that on the invite! haha) so needless to say, yesterday I didn't do much aside from shuffle to the kitchen every couple of minutes to refill my water glass. So I will be baking my you-know-what off tonight, on a "school night", and then crossing my fingers and praying that the Bipster will actually go mail it all tomorrow morning so it gets there in time. I've already crossed myself multiple times today (and I'm not even Catholic) while praying he will actually go to the store today... I mean we're talking emergency level grocery store trip. You know, when you're down to your last roll of toilet paper kind of shopping and you need three pounds of butter RIGHT FLIPPIN NOW OR THERE'S NOT GOING TO BE A CHRISTMAS?! That's what needs to happen right quick.

Last I talked to him he was watching a movie and sounding like he was about to nap and reminding me that he's on 'vacation'. This should be really interesting.

Once round one of baking is made and shipped, then we have the actual main event - Christmas. Christmas Eve I plan to cook a nice dinner (a roast chicken, potatoes, etc), and I don't know if there will just be the two of us or more because I can't really seem to get a for-sure answer out of anyone.

Christmas Day we're having Tim and Meredith over for Xmas breakfast. That has been the easiest thing to plan, by far. This is how it went:

Me: "Hey, do you guys want to come over for breakfast Christmas morning?"

Meredith: "yes!"

That's how you do it, people. A yes or no. That's all I need.

The day after Christmas, I will be doing my baking all over again to give to Josh's family (mom, siblings) on the 28th when we get together with them.

We're not seeing his dad and family until New Years Day, so I will be baking again on New Year's Eve (or day, depending on what time we're getting together).

Since I will be doing this multiple times this year, I've opted to bypass any 'fancy' recipes and stick to the simplest things in my repertoire. No-Bake cookies (no baking!), 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies, beer bread (4 ingredients), and fudge. Perhaps not the most festive of menus, but if I have to make it all 3 times, I need to make it easy on myself. I'm a little sad that I am not doing anything more impressive than that, but oh freaking well.

Next year I will have it together a little better. If not... I will be blogging from a lunatic asylum... if they let me have internet access.

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