Friday, December 17, 2010

Daily Photo for 12.16.10

Finals are over!

The last of the Bip's finals were yesterday. He made it through the day and the exam on about 2 hours of sleep. He crashed at 6pm and slept until about 6 this morning. No school for him for almost a whole month!! It will be nice to read together and go to bed at the same time, and generally feel like I am married to a human being instead of some dude who is cooped up in the office studying all night. NORMALCY! I welcome you with open arms.

Bonus photos:
More limoncello getting started

Lemon peels

I started another (small) batch of limoncello last night. Last time I used the larged-hole side of my grater to get the peels, this time I used a peeler. Still not sure which is faster, but I think the grater got less of the pith than the peeler. We'll see how this batch is.

I started some more pear vodka, too, and bottled the limoncello we already had for gift-giving. I had a small glass myself and it had me dancing and giggling in about two minutes. Potent. Sunshine in a glass.

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