Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm so "esscited", y'all!

I highly recommend that when shopping online, you google for coupon codes. I always hit the jackpot with Victoria's Secret.... I ordered some things from there today, and I found a code for $75 off my order! And 30% off one of the the dresses I got. Not to mention, most of it was already on sale!

These awesome boots were already on sale, so I snagged a black pair and a brown pair.

God bless the Bipster - he hated the boots I had when we were dating because they were quite outdated and in rough shape (but I was very broke and it was what I had to work with), and he bought me two pairs of boots last Christmas... Problem? Extremely pointy toe and stiletto heels. So uncomfortable that I can't wear them without my feet screaming in agony. The dress/tights/boots look I like so much was impossible for me to pull off in those boots. But now I can!

and then I got a couple of turtlenecks (a red one and a black one - the last black one I got turned into a fuzz-shedding, neck-choking disaster) and two dresses.

I'm so excited... I go without a lot most of the time. "Normal" people can usually go to Target on the weekend and if they see a couple of shirts they like, throw them in the cart and it's not a problem. That's not the way things work in my household. Since Josh is in school full time, a huge emphasis is put on saving everything we can... When I have an opportunity to get some new things, it's a high like you would not believe. I deserve these things and I will be happy to receive them in early 2011 (it's all on backorder, naturally!)

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