Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Very Mini Photo Dump

I am sucking so badly at my daily photo thing. Ever since the wedding -- pffft. Down the tubes. I resolve to get better at it, because I love documenting the minutiae of everyday life.But here's a couple of photos I have taken recently.

I found yet another photo app to love. A few, actually.

Heeeeere's Pocketbooth (love, love, love!):

This is us freezing on Sunday morning. Josh insisted we didn't need to turn on the heat. What is it with men and their need to be in control of the thermostat??

We sure do know how to make ugly faces.

The other photo apps I recently purchased are Plastic Bullet and Sketch, but I haven't done enough with them yet to warrant any sharing.

Here is some tasty grub we have eaten:

Brown sugar bacon (country bacon from the Farmer's Market), biscuits with peach butter, and chocolate milk - the perfect Sunday Morning breakfast. Covers all the major food groups - Pork, Salt, Sugar and Dairy.

Last night was simple yet comforting food - Josh had a day of vehicle issues (that seem to be fixed now, knock on wood), and he thought some fish and shells and cheese would be a perfect dinner. He was right (we washed it down with a little Root Beer).

Ahhh... it really is the little things in life!


  1. Hah, my male also insists on keeping it *freezing* in the house! It's like he's competing with nature to see how long he can stand it before turning on the heat!

  2. Well, with my husband, I think it's more of a "Let's hold off on having to pay a gas bill as long as we can" thing.