Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Little Yellow Buffet

I have mentioned this thing a few times now.

I bought it at a yard sale in the neighborhood the first time I lived in it - when I lived on the 'good' side. If I remember correctly, it was $40. It has the dovetailed drawers and all that - it's an antique and in pretty good condition... except the paint job was hideous. It was like a mint green color, covered with folk art, and if that wasn't enough of an insult to the piece, it was then covered with a light coating of stain to make it look more aged, I guess. Good Lord in Heaven.


So, yesterday morning (my bonus day off!), the Husband helped me get the piece and all the painting stuff out of the garage and I got to work with some sanding and priming. Here it is primed when I was just starting to give it a nice coat of yellow paint (Martha Stewarts "Egg Yolk" from Home Depot).

The wallpapered inside is kind of corny, but cute.

And here it is in the living room. We love it! Easily accessible storage (we had a trunk there before)! Now, if only we could find a better lampshade, darn it!