Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Halloween Decor! (and a couple of other things)

Last night we finally got around to doing a little more Halloween decorating. We're having a little shinding before the end of the month - nothing big, just an excuse for me to dress up and make cocktails and finger foods.

Every year I vow to have my Halloween decorating done by October 1st. Every year, I fail. And the end result never lives up to what I picture in my mind. Luckily, the holiday comes around every year, and someday I will get it perfect.

These fun little guys sit on the porch swing. I worry that the neighborhood hoodlums will swipe them, but I hope not. They look so cute.

Buffet/Credenza/Sideboard/Whateveryouwanttocallit in dining room. Little pumpkins reside in my mini-greenhouse, and a Day of the Dead-ish bride and groom candleholder (a wedding gift from coworkers - we love it!) flank my potted plant. Above it is a mirror Josh's dad made, we added some cobwebs and a plastic spider.

Dining room:

A little more detail:

The hutch (our poor dining table and chairs need painted so badly... I have literally been putting it off for YEARS):

Part of the living room:

The pictures above the chairs are those holographic type things from Target. They look like regular old portraits from one angle and then look creepy from another angle. Here's a close-up of one.

They were six bucks. I couldn't resist.

Little skull light in living room:

In other news, I am sick to death of the wicker trunk and lamp in the living room. Since I moved the cabinet that used to be in our room into the spare room, I have decided that this little buffet
picked this up at a garage sale in the neighborhood...

(which was originally going to go in the spare room) referenced in a post from a week or so ago, is going to get a coat of cheery yellow paint and replace the trunk in the living room. We'll also get a new lamp (or at least a new shade!) to go on it. I am torn on whether or not to get new knobs for it or just paint the existing ones? I have a three day weekend coming up, I hope I can tackle this project then! I just love fun furniture pieces that double as storage.

And on a completely unrelated note, I love the "Post" app from iPhone. It has all these cute backgrounds and such that you can use for notes, texts, emails, invites, etc. Here is one:

They are just so darn cute!

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